Margaux Nègre-Carillon

Margaux Nègre-Carillon

Attorney-at-law at the Paris Bar since 2011

Margaux Nègre-Carillon holds a Master’s degree in corporate law and in literary, artistic and industrial property law from the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas (MASTER II).

Margaux Nègre-Carillon is a member of the APRAM (associations des praticiens du droit des marques et des modèles – association of trademark and design law practitioners).

She intervenes in Customs agents training organized by UNIFAB (Union des Fabricants – Union of Manufacturers).

Associate for two years at M-P ESCANDE Law Firm before joining CANDÉ-BLANCHARD-DUCAMP Law Firm, she provides day-to-day support to companies or individuals in the protection of their intellectual property rights.

French – English