Clarisse Tourneux

Attorney-at-law at the Paris Bar since 2019

Clarisse Tourneux holds a Master’s degree in business law from the University of Rennes I as well as a post-graduate degree (Master 2) in literary, artistic and industrial property law from the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas.

She holds an LL. M. in international business law from the University of Exeter and a “Magistère de Juriste d'affaires Franco-Britannique” (Franco-British Business Lawyer diploma) from the University of Rennes I, providing her with a dual expertise in Common Law and French law.

Clarisse Tourneux began her career as an associate with the law firm CANDÉ-BLANCHARD-DUCAMP in February 2019.

Her previous experience in companies in France and abroad has enabled her to understand the challenges faced by economic operators in defending and managing their intellectual property rights on a daily basis.

French – English