Avocat (Attorney-at-law) at the Paris Bar since 2003.

Alix PHIQUEPAL d’ARUSMONT holds a Master’s degree in private law from the University of Angers as well as a post-graduate degree (D.E.A.) in literary, artistic and industrial property law from the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas.

Associate at Cabinet LALANNE-MARCHAIS-CANDÉ, then at Cabinet CANDÉ & BLANCHARD, she has extensive experience in the protection of intellectual property rights.

She works both in French and in English.

She is a lecturer in copyright law (Master’s degree in European and International Business Law) at the PARIS-DAUPHINE University.

Alix PHIQUEPAL d’ARUSMONT is a member of the APRAM (association des praticiens du droit des marques et des modèles – association of trade mark and design law practitioners).